Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How do we Check Students in for Beach Retreat?

Organize 1200 students to go to camp can be quite the nightmare. I thought I would share a little of how we do it.

As students check in on Sunday AM they arrive an Hour and a Half before the worship service. As they arrive they go to their check in table. All tables are divided by the Alphabet. Once check in they then, if needed, go to the nurses table. We do not allow any of our students to carry any drugs with them so our nurse takes them all up at this time. After they get check in they drop their baggage off in the baggage drop off. Each drop off is labeled with a number and a color. The number and color represent the bus they are on at all times.

Each student then heads into the room and put’s on the camp shirt to travel. This is a holding spot until worship. Why worship is going on the busses arrive, load all the luggage and waits for the students.

We then load the busses and leave.

WOW that all has me tired just thinking of it… Maybe that gives you a little insight to what we do as we check students in on Sunday AM.

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