Saturday, June 6, 2009

Keep up with Beach Retreat @

Want to keep up with all that is going on @ Beach Retreat.

We have some new features this year on . You can follow the blog, twitter, see daily pict’s and also watch the daily video.

You will want to visit every day.

Here is all the cool features we are wanting to be sure and add this year.

Daily Videos:
At the conclusion of each day, there will be a highlight video posted on the website so the viewer at home can get a glimpse into the Beach Retreat Experience.

Student on the Street Videos:
We will periodically post short interview videos of students as they enjoy their time at the Beach.

Blogger Feeds:
We will have a designated blogger who will post information on the website throughout the day with current information about what’s happening at Beach Retreat.

Campus-Specific Photo Albums:
You will be able to sort through photographs taken at Beach Retreat and the albums will be broken down by campus for your convenience.

Messages from Home:
This year, Parents will be able to leave short text-style messages from the website and certain messages will be taken and shown on the screens before and after each service. FUN!

Follow Your Student Pastor’s Tweets:
This year on the website, we will be integrating Twitter Technology and you’ll be able to follow your Student Pastor throughout the day to see post-by-post what’s happening at Beach Retreat.

Beach Retreat Schedule:
Just in case you’re wondering what your student is doing at a certain point of the day, we’ll be posting the Beach Retreat Schedule on the website.

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