Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Are you on School Campuses?

Today I traveled around with Jeff Lovingood and we went from school to school and Jeff introduced me to all the principals and coaches along with a lot of the administration.

I believe one of the greatest keys to student ministry is the school campus. Some say that they don’t go because they are not allowed. Some don’t go because they just don’t want to and others don’t go because they are scared.

IF you want to watch your student ministry grow you go where the students are. The students want to see you on their campus. This might take some work. Let me give you a few steps to help you with school ministry.

  1. Be sure your pastor supports school ministry
  2. Be sure your students understand the value of school ministry. When they see you it is a hook for them to use to get their friends to church.
  3. Win favor with the school administration. Don’t start with the students start with the administration. Go meet all administration, take them to lunch, or do something to meet them and connect with them.
  4. Be there for the school don’t expect the school to be there for you!!! You are there to serve the school not the school to serve you. See how you can help serve the school. This might take some of your budget.
  5. GO!!! In some cases you will have to turn in a lot of paper work and go to a private room to go to a school lunch. Don’t let that stop you. In other cases you can go set at a table. Either way anyone can go to a school event and connect with students. There is always an open door.
  6. Support the schools in what they do.
  7. Get youth workers that serve with you who work in the school. Your loudest supports are those on your team.
  8. Don’t be annoying to the schools or give them an excuse to kick you out!!!

Those are just a few thoughts. Hope it encourages you to work hard to reach teenagers.

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