Thursday, August 27, 2009

Get to Know Volunteers - Leadership Challenge on Sunday AM

On Sunday AM we are adding a little excitement. We are doing a “Leadership Challenge” in which we want the students to get to know their volunteers.

To do this we came up with the “Leadership Challenge.” Here is how it works.

Each week we will do a 7 min game before we break into small group. Each week we will pick a grade and 1 small group leader from each group in that grade. EXAMPLE: we have 24 9th grade small group leaders out of 12 groups. We will pick 12 volunteers to come up that Sunday.

We will not do them in this order but here are the challenges we will do:

1. Finish the Lyrics: we will play a song all the students will know and see if the volunteers can finish it.

2. Movie Characters:

3. Movie Quotes

4. Facebook Challenge

5. Dance off – we will pick a popular dance like “the jerk” and have a volunteer do it on stage.

6. Top TV Shows

7. Text Messaging Lingo

The goal is this on Sunday AM’s is simply to have fun for us all to laugh and for the students to love coming. Following these 7 minutes we will then dive into small group time and dive into God’s word!!!

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