Friday, September 25, 2009

SYATP do we need a new vision?

I am so blessed when I see students gather around a flagpole and cry out to God for their campus. The only thing I struggle with is the fact that we only take 30 min out of 12 months in a year to cry out for our school and it has to be a programmed event.

Just a thought: What might happen if students gathered together once a month to fast and prayed for their school campus. What might happen if all the school clubs came together once a month to pray together for their school campus?

Prayer is not an event it is a lifestyle of people who are broken for their land!!!

Should we have a change in the event SYATP? I am praying for students of Long Hollow Baptist Church to grab a new vision and run with it.

Just a quick thought that was on my mind!!! Either way we need to be crying out to God for our community, friends, neighbors, schools, administration, government, and families. Let’s pray and then put feet to our prayers!!!!

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Steven Grim said...

I agree. I went to three schools Wednesday and only saw prayer at one of them. For most it has become about filling the time with worship or things other than prayer.

Prayer for our schools, nation, and students should be an everyday thing.