Thursday, October 15, 2009

Student Revolutionaries -

Matt Lawson, Youth Pastor @ FBC Woodstock, sent this note out on facebook the other day. I thought It was great so I wanted to post it on my blog. Thanks Matt for sending this out great word!!!


My letter to the Church: I want your conscience to bother you.

Recently Helen Thomas, in response to Robert Gibbs unsatisfactory answers about the Public Option said, "Because I want your conscience to bother you." I got to thinking and started to wonder why Christians do not have the same conviction about their beliefs as Helen Thomas does about the Public Option. I think when someone truly believes in a cause, and that cause is virtuous, extraordinary things will transpire. But for some reason, unknown to me, the Christians just do not care. We have become useless to God. Christians are supposed to be the body of Christ and used for the spreading of His word. But it seems of late that Christians care more about the mundane activities of daily living than they care about doing the work of the Lord. We, sadly, have become passive in our culture. We sit back and let our neighbors drift toward the gates of hell because our focus has moved from the hearts of the hurting to our self-serving endeavors.

76.5% of the American population say they are Christian and even espouse a relationship with Christ. That means there are 224,437,959 Christians in America alone. So I have one question, "Why aren't you acting like it?" With this many self-professed Christians on one mass of land why is abortion, the act of murder, even being debated? Why are crimes of rape and incest so prevalent? It is terrifying when a nation as "Christian" as ours cannot even band together and outlaw murder of the unborn, and does not have the moral fiber to condemn that which is evil as evil.

There is something desperately wrong with the hearts of Americans. I believe the fault falls heavily upon the shoulders of our ministers. There is obviously a large portion of ministers who care much more about the pews being filled, their wallets being full, and their congregations feeling good, than they do about preaching the word of a Holy God. If our ministers were preaching the Word of God, our nation would fall under conviction of its sin. If our ministers would stand up and perform the task God has anointed them to do, our nation would be transformed, we would see and feel the power of God, real change and real hope would encompass this nation. It is not the hope and change that was bought on the empty promises of one man. Rather, It is the hope and change that was bought with the blood on the Cross of Calvary.

My generation will follow your lead. You can either care about the things of God or the things of man, but know this, and do not take it lightly, my brothers, my generation will follow suit, we will follow to the depths of hell if that is where you lead. Our nation is coming to a day of choosing. We will either settle into our lives of sin or hand this nation back to God, by being the light to a dark and lost world. But we as Christians must stand up. We must condemn faulty man made religion for it is the greatest enemy of God. If our church leaders continue to be motivational speakers instead of the anointed men of God, the church will be responsible for a countless number of people who find themselves in hell. There is nothing to be gained by preaching so that the pews may be full and your wallets thick. If you have been anointed by God it doesn't matter what the people think of you, the only thing that matters is that you are doing the work of the Lord. I say all this because I want your conscience to bother you, I want your conscience to bring you to your knees with guilt when you think of my generation. It is time for the church to arise. It is time for the Church to stand upon Biblical principles. We are living in the days of Elijah and we must stop doing what is popular and start doing what is right.

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