Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You never know what is around the Corner!!!

Do you ever want God to do something now? Do you ever feel like God does not care about your "condition?"

Could you imagine what the Blind man @ the Pool thought about his life? John 5:1-15 tells the story.

At the age of 38 this one man felt helpless and useless then in the matter of a moment Jesus asked him "do you want to get well?"

What if he said NO?
What if he said it does not matter no one cares about me?
What if he had a bad attitude about life and had given up?

Instead he said sir I have no one to help me into the "Pool" then Jesus says "GET UP!"

In the matter of a moment a man's day to day life was change?

You never know what is around the corner but always be ready for what God wants to do in and through you!!!

Stay Humble and follow God!!!

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