Friday, November 6, 2009

Crazy Love Offering #2 Dec 13th Prepare!!!

Here is what says:

The Crazy Love Campaign is off to a great start, with over $570,000 given so far (exceeding our goal for Offering #1)! Offering #2 is quickly approaching, making now a great time to begin praying about what God wants your family to set aside for December 13.

As a reminder, we’re not asking for pledges as part of the Crazy Love Campaign. We are just asking that each family decide what for them is a demonstration of crazy love for God. Our proposed family goal for Offering #2 is a $500 average gift.

Total Goal for the Crazy Love Campaign - 3.5 Million Dollars

Crazy Love Offering #2: $750,000

Expanding our campuses to keep reaching more people: $500,000
  • Hendersonville Campus – New Student Building
  • Gallatin Campus – New Worship Center
  • White House Campus – Permanent Home

As Long Hollow continues to reach more and more people for Christ, we need to provide the necessary space for them on our campuses. As with Offering #1, each campus will be giving to a different project as listed below.

The Hendersonville Campus Youth Building is planned to be 46,000 square feet and will be constructed at approximately $80 per square foot. Long Hollow continues its commitment to put money into ministry and not elaborate buildings.

Complete the orphan village in Haiti for 300 orphaned and abandoned children: $200,000

Through Offering #1, Long Hollow purchased 11 acres in Haiti for the village and has funded the church, clinic and guest house. Through Offering #2, Long Hollow hopes to be able to complete the entire orphan village by building all 30 orphan homes, the school, the kitchen and latrines, and the fresh-water well. If all goes as planned, our 300 rescued children will arrive there around May 1.

Fund our new adoption foundation to assist families in adopting orphaned and abandoned children: $10,000

Our adoption ministry is up and running! Through it, Long Hollow families can get coaching through the adoption process, get encouragement and support through the process and after your child(ren) enters your home. Long Hollow families can also receive financial assistance. The Long Hollow Adoption Ministry is for families seeking to adopt both domestically and internationally.

Funding key partnerships related to ministering in Christ’s name to those in need: $40,000

As with Offering #1, Long Hollow will be supporting some of our important partners in ministry through Offering #2. The distribution of gifts is as follows:

  • Cumberland Crisis Pregnancy Center: $5,000
  • Salvus Center: $1,000
  • Hendersonville Samaritan’s Association: $1,000
  • Lottie Moon Offering for International Missions: $25,000
  • Annie Armstrong Offering for North American Missions: $5,000
  • Evangelisitc outreach to the ZaZa peoples of Turkey: $3,000

Have questions? Be sure to click around on this site to learn more about how we plan to distribute campaign funds, and check out this list of questions and answers.

Here we go!

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