Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Family Challenge

David Landrith posted these on his blog today and share them in Men's Fraternity this AM. Thought i would re-post them. Good Stuff!!!

Here is what Pastor shared:

he following is from George Barna’s, The Future Of The American Family. And no, ladies, I did not add number 9, though all the men would say “Amen!!”

The Top 10 Key Ingredients for a Healthy Family

  1. The family is characterized by strong, supportive, honest communication. A healthy family speaks the truth to one another.
  2. Family members spend a large quantity of time together.
  3. Family members share a common faith and practice together.
  4. Family members agree on key values.
  5. Family members practice love and mutual appreciation.
  6. Family members sacrifice for the good of one another.
  7. Family members have common goals and interests.
  8. Family members demonstrate trust with one another. Good families establish the principle that you can trust people, by demonstrating it with one another.
  9. Husband and wife engage in regular sexual intercourse. Regular sex makes a happy home!
  10. Husband and wife have a firm parental coalition in raising their children. They agree on how they want to raise their kids.

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