Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Students being Baptized has fallen from 140,000 to 75,000 - ALL STUDENTS AND YOUTH PASTORS LET'S GO FOR IT!!!!

Check this out:

1971 Southern Baptist Church Youth Ministries baptized around 125,000 students. The next year 1972 that jumped up to almost 140,000 students.

Watch this –

1973 120,000 – pretty big drop from that 140,000 the year before.

Each year it has gone down.

1980 (7 years latter) – 109,000

1985 – 88,000

1990 – 90,000

1995 – 93,000

2000 - ??????

2001 – 83000

2005 – 83,000

2008 – 75,000

We are seeing fewer students baptized today than ever before. Student Pastors it is time for us to step up and get very intentional in reaching the next generation.

When is the last time you shared the gospel in your student ministry? Did you follow up on those students that were saved and watch them get baptized?

We need to get off the sidelines and into the game before we watch another generation go by.

I’m praying God creates a movement in student ministry all across America and we reach an all time high in youth baptisms. This means we have to baptize more than 140,000 students in 1 year.

That has not happened in almost 18 years. WOW!!!!!!

I just pulled together stats in my area. 35,000 students and 27,000 are un-churched.

I just moved from Katy Texas (3rd fastest growing city in US). They have 64,500 students in Katy and close to 50,000 are un-churched!!!

We have a lot of work today and very little time to do it in. LET’S GO FOR IT TOGETHER!!!!!!

Source: Annual Church Profile, Lifeway Christian Resource Center, Nashville Tenn. Compiled by the center for Missional Research of the North American Mission Board, Alpharetta, GA

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Anonymous said...

if students are feeling intimidated into things by being essentially straight up asked 'are you a christian' in the middle of church, that's not real christianity, thats intimidation...