Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Characteristics of a Great TEAM

a. Entrepreneurs

b. Hard Work Ethic

c. Spiritually Focused

d. Men/Women with Vision

e. Men/Women who take the Initiative

f. Where all staff agrees that Excellence is the only option

g. Men/Women you do not have to ask more than once

h. Men/Women who take a task to the next level

i. Organization

j. To have a great team you must have a great leader.

k. Willing to do whatever whenever.

l. Discipline

m. Loyalty

n. Fun

o. Whatever it takes attitude.

p. Communication is key

q. All Types – Don’t just hire people just like you.

r. Dreamers

s. Learners –

t. Common Sense

u. Prayer Warriors

v. Creative

w. Networkers

x. Implementers

y. Men/women who think for themselves yet still follow their leader

z. Great Leaders know when to Follow and When to Lead!!! So great team members know when to follow and lead!!!

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