Tuesday, December 29, 2009

HUNDred Percenters chapter 1 - Set Hard Goals

Here are some quotes from the 1st part of chapter 1. Really worth the read. very challenging. Pick the book up and read it!!! then you see what all of Chapter one is talking about.

“People who are 100% leaders achieve greatness by pushing past the comfort zone and inspiring their followers to do the same.”

If you look behind the scenes at every great accomplishment, you’ll find a challenging goal that tried and tested people’s beliefs about what was possible.”

“We may be afraid of challenge, but ironically, companies generally don’t’ die because they tackled a challenge that was too big or they pushed themselves too hard.”

“We focused on feeling good rather than doing good. We counted our resources instead of developing our resourcefulness.”

“Yes, companies with challenging goals do fail. But it’s rarely the goal itself that causes the failure. Rather, the failure occurs in communicating, executing, and resourcing the goal.”

“The first critical lesson on being a 100% leader is that if the status quo felt bad, people would have changed already.”

“by the way, I’ve never met a CEO who didn’t want his or her managers to be more innovative and proactive.”

“You’ll recognize some of the better-known 100% leaders by their reputations for inspiring others to become Hundred Percenters.”

“Every sales presentation, every customer interaction, every budget request, and every financial approval is a chance for us to push ourselves and our employees toward untold greatness.”

“companies that tend to make the most money over time do so by delivering the most value to somebody bigger than themselves, not by sacrificing the customer to immediately increase shareholder value.”

“wow, I am going to sacrifice whatever is asked of me in order to achieve that! I will drip blood, sweat, and tears until I have given every ounce of strength this cause.”

“Hard goals are aspirational”

“The key to creating an animated and inspirational HARD goal is to describe it so graphically that people can actually experience it (albeit in their minds) long before they actually achieve it.”

There is so much more in this chapter… GREAT STUFF!!! BUY THE BOOK!!!

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