Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hundred Percenters Introduction - Great Book

Here are a few quotes from 100 percenters. Let me add this. As i read this book i think of me as a follower of Christ, husband, dad, employee and leader. Apply this principal to all in your life and see what happens. Here are some quotes.


“Right now, are they (employees) dripping blood, sweat, and tears to achieve greatness?”

Do you see more “okness than greatness” in your organization, family, ministry?

“You probably see a lot more getting by and pretty satisfied than you see “I want to taste victory at the top of the mountain no matter how steep the climb.””

“Let’s push the envelope, let’s be great, let’s do what nobody though could be done, let’s not have satisfied customers-instead let’s have evangelists-and let’s feel that deep fulfillment and pride that only come from hard-won victory”

“If you don’t challenge people and you don’t’ build an emotional bond with them, you’re an AVOIDER”

“If you challenge people to exceed their limits but you don’t’ have much of a connection with them, you’re an INTIMIDATOR.”

“If you connect with your folks but you don’t’ challenge them all that much, you’re an APPEASER.”

And if you issue great challenges while still building intense connections with people, you’re the unltradesirable 100% LEADER”

“The results seem pretty clear. If you push people but you don’t seem to care about them your not going to be very successful.”

“is it your job to make work fun, or is it to make work fulfilling and enriching and ultimately to position people to achieve great results?”

EXCERCIS TO DO WITH YOUR STAFF “Remember a time from any period in your life when a leader (boss, teacher, mentor, friend, etc.) inspired you to achieve something that was significant and deeply meaningful. Vividly describe what, specifically, the leader did that inspired you.”

“Once you’ve realized that limitations are more fluid than field, that the deepest fulfillment comes from climbing the highest mountains, it’s hard to go back to satisfying

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