Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Letter to all Parents @ Long Hollow

This is a letter I just sent to all the parents of teenagers on all of our campuses.

Dear Parents,

God is doing some great things in the Long Hollow Student Ministry, and I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of those things. I also wanted to let you know what is coming this spring for your students.

We are seeing more and more students being a part of LHSM along with weekly seeing students saved and Baptized on all of our campuses. I pray your student is connected on Sunday morning in one of our small groups along with attending Wednesday Night (if you are in White House we do Sunday Night with the students).

We have a lot coming this spring that I am fired up to see how God is going to use it to watch our ministry continue to grow in seeing lives changed, spiritual growth taking place and students loving their church.

I want to encourage all of you to attend our Parent Meeting December 16 at 6:00 pm in the worship center of the Hendersonville Campus with Jeff Lovingood.

Let me break down for you what is planned for the future:

Text Box:


We are taking a 9 week focus around our small groups by doing a

Campaign called YOUTUBE CHALLENGE. Each small group will

make a video that promotes Sunday morning Small Groups and submit them to my staff (Hville Campus submits to John Steen or Shane Sisk. White House Campus submits to Travis Kaiser. Gallatin Campus submits to Michael Jenkins). We will then upload them to Youtube and the group that gets the most hits and comments will win this challenge. We will announce the campus winners March 3rd.


We will be continuing the Youtube challenge this month along with having a great event called QUEST. Quest is when we gather together for a weekend to be challenge, encouraged and developed in our Christian walk. This weekend NO STUDENT NEEDS TO MISS!!! The cost will be around $40 per person. If money is an issue, please contact my office to see how we can help. If you can serve, be a host home, help drive or provide food during quest weekend please contact


Text Box:  March 3rd we are going to have a “Big Wednesday” on each campus. We have invited the group Southern Movement to go to each campus and perform that night. We will also have a great night of worship and a challenge from the campus youth pastor. Gallatin will start at 6 pm while Hendersonville and White House campuses will not start until 7 pm. We are praying for over 2000 students to come to hear the message of Jesus Christ this night. No student will want to miss this night at any of our campuses!!!


As we know April is Spring Break month and how excited are you to have your students out for 2 weeks!!! We will be taking a few mission trips this spring break with our student ministry:

Hendersonville Camps: The Middle School is going to Memphis (Estimated Cost = $120). High School is going to Atlanta (Estimated Cost $275).

Gallatin Campus: Will be heading to Cumberland, KY (Estimated Cost = $100).

White House Campus will join with our Hendersonville campus trips during the Sumner County break. We will also have opportunities during the Robertson County break.


Text Box:  May 5th we are going to have an all-new Dodge Ball Tournament from 6-9 pm. This will happen on each of our campuses unless announced of a different location. We want students to get a dodge ball team, come dress up and ready to win. The winning team will get a great prize and we will have a lot of fun. We will also have a small time of programming this night with worship and teaching.


I cannot wait for the summer! We are going to have an amazing camp with LIMITED spots so you will need to sign up quick. We will start sign ups March 3rd at our “Big Wednesday.”

Middle School Camp – June 18 - 23rd. Josh Price Band will be leading in worship. (Estimated Cost $290)

High School Camp – June 23rd – 28th. Josh Price Band will be leading in worship. (Estimated Cost $290)



Text Box:  101 – July 26th – 30th lead by Brian and Jennifer Mills (Estimated Cost – 600 + Travel Cost)

201 – July 14th – 18th lead by Shane Sisk (Estimated Cost – 900 + Travel)

301 – July 4th – 11th lead by Jeff Lovingood (Estimated Cost - 2500 + Travel)

You must have attended 101 to attend 201,301 or 401.

Middle School Mission Trip – We will be heading back to help the church we planted last spring in Marysville, Ohio. It will be an estimated cost of $110. This is a great trip because the average church in Ohio runs around 30 people. Last year with the service of Long Hollow Students we watch them grow to an attendance of 200!

Gallatin Student Ministry Mission Trip – July 10-17 with approximate cost of $200, we will be going to O’Fallon, MO (a suburb of St. Louis). We will partner with Cross Haven Church and conduct soccer camps, canvass neighborhoods passing out information about the church, pray for and present the Gospel to the people we meet.


I hope this letter helps you with planning and budgeting. Our desire at Long Hollow Student Ministry is to keep you informed ahead of time so that you can plan vacations, budget and time around the events and programs your students would like to be a part of. If we can do ANYTHING for you please let me know. It is a honor to be a part of such a great ministry!!!

Reaching this Generation,

Brian Mills

Pastor of Students

Long Hollow Baptist Church

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