Monday, December 7, 2009

Sexual Addiction & Your Students

Lifeway just put up this blog on Sexual Addiction and your Students.

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As with any addiction or compulsive behavior, there are warning signs. These red flags should not be ignored. The following list includes many of the warning signs that are prevalent among students dealing with sexual addiction:

  • Frequently telling sexual jokes or making sexual comments or innuendos
    Engaging in sexual activity-especially with several partners
  • Spending considerable time in activities that could lead to sexual activity such as cruising for potential partners or spending hours online in chat rooms trying to hook up with others
  • Visiting pornographic websites or looking at pornographic magazines, books, or videos
  • Neglecting obligations such as work, school, or family in pursuit of sexual activity
  • Continuing to engage in illicit sexual behavior despite the negative consequences related to such activities
  • Escalating the scope or frequency of sexual activity to achieve a desired effect, such as more frequent visits to Web sites or sex with more partners
  • Frequently isolating themselves from parents and friends and not informing others of their whereabouts
  • Getting angry if someone shows concern or questions them about sex or their use of pornography
  • Feeling irritable when unable to engage in some sort of sexual activity for a long period of time
  • Making telephone calls with an 800 or a 900 prefix
  • Becoming increasingly dishonest with other people 2

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