Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What does the Spring Look like @ Long Hollow Student Ministry?

Let me give you a quick run down of what we are doing this spring:

Sunday AM Small Groups:

January 3rd – March 3rd = Youtube Challenge. Each small group will make a promotion video to upload to our youtube site. The video that gets the most hits/comments wins and will be announced on Wednesday Night March 3rd. We will also look at how many visitors are in the video. We will then multiply the number of hits you get by the number of visitors in your video. Go for it!!!

Wednesday Nights:

March 3rd = “Big Night” on each campus. We will send Southern Movement to each campus that night along with having Coffey Anderson (www.icoffey.com) @ the Hendersonville Campus.

May 5th = Dodge Ball Tournament. Get a team together from your school and come try to win the Dodge Ball Tournament!!!

We will be preaching these series:

Girls Ministry:

January – April – We will do mentorship with Brittany on Sunday Nights in the Dome.

Feb 12th Mother/Daughter Event

Girls Ministry Blog push



Spring Break Missions Trips (HS/MS/Gallatin Campus/White House Campus)



Summer MS Mission Trip for Hendersonville

Gallatin Campus Mission Trip

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