Friday, January 1, 2010

Hundred Percenters chapter 2 - Create Accountability with Constructive Feedback

"HARD goals are called HARD goals for a good reason. They should challenge even your best people to reach beyond what's tried and tested and comfortable; in other words, the status quo."

"Before success is reached, folks make mistakes, freeze up, doubt their abilities, or shy away from accountability."

"When it comes to HARD goals, errors are inevitable and to be expected, but critical errors left uncorrected are unacceptable. Mistakes left unaddressed are likely to be repeated."

"Those who are 100% Leaders aren't afraid to constructively critique employee performance when warranted."

"Look, the whole purpose behind giving constructive feedback is to get the people who made the errors to see and understand the mistakes and care enough not to make them again."

"We've observed that, besides Accountability, there are four typical reactions to receiving corrective feedback: Denial, Blame, Excuses, and Anxiety."

I - Invite them to partner
D - Disarm Yourself
E - Eliminate blame
A - Affirm their control
L - List correct feedback
S - Synchronize your understanding

To read on each one of the IDEALS buy the book.

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