Thursday, January 28, 2010

Impact of Youtube Challenge by one of our Volunteers

We had an AMAZING Sunday this past week. We had planned to make our youtube video after the last church service. Turns out we all but one had gone to the early service - so I invited the group to join my singles class at 11:30 because we were helping to pack the Haiti donations. They were thrilled! All of my group came over on the bus together and we sorted items, we counted items, we taped and labeled boxes. We had a part in the whole process and they loved that they got to help!!

Then we went to lunch and our youtube video we did a scavenger hunt around H'ville. Then the group talked me into going shopping after all that! It was the break through I needed with all of the group. I think they all know now that I want to invest in their lives. I have more specific things to pray for each of them now. In the past few weeks I have had random texts and phone calls from a few of them, but this day was just a great bonding experience for all of them. Now we are still working on the inviting friends to small group, Wed nights and Quest...

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