Sunday, February 28, 2010

A few thoughts on making event's successful


I know you might say yes we know that but what else? Well how many really pray for the event. So many times we work hard to get the most to the event and we push all the students to invite their friends then the leaders never spend anytime praying for a movement of God to take place.

2. Don’t be satisfied with an average attendance

I know most are afraid to talk about numbers and attendance but I do think it is a reflection of our ministries if we never grow!!! Never be satisfied with last year’s attendance event if you are just up 5 more. Go for 5 more and don’t stop until you reach it!!!

3. Think through your programming

Don’t just show up the day of and put down on a pice of paper hand written the order. Set down and think through what elements you want where. The is a time and place for everything. Raise the bar in programming so your students have the best experience.

Work Hard.

All events = hard work. To be successful in any job you must work hard. There are times and sessions in every job where it require more work than other sessions. Prepare you family and friends that during certain times you have to work more than others.

Have Quality Personalities that fit your group. (does not mean has to be the most expensive)

Sometimes you can have the best band or speaker just to have them yet they don’t connect w/ your group. Don’t just book someone to book them. Simply bring someone in for the weekend/week/night that is the best fit for your student ministry.

Listen to your people

I never advocate listening to all the complainers but I do encourage you to listen to your people and what they are saying. Don’t be a know it all!!! Be a learner. Remember all great leaders are great learners and great listeners!!!

Have Fun

Don’t get so caught up in the details no one see’s you having fun!!! Attitude reflects leadership!!! Your Attitude will determine the attitude of the whole event!!! STAY POSITIVE!!!

Share the Gospel.

Never leave an event without sharing the Gospel. You might think all the students are saved but you truly never know. Always give students a chance to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!


Have a baptism service tied to the event in which the story of God can be told!!! There is nothing more powerful than watching your friend get saved and then baptized!!!

Plan Plan Plan

Don’t just set in your office each year and create a to do list for the event. Set down and care a matrix for the event so each month leading up to the event you know what you need to do. This will give you back hours in your life if you will simply plan!!!

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