Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome Shannon Self to the Long Hollow Student Ministry Staff

I am excited to announce March 8th Shannon Self will be coming on our High School ministry staff of our Hendersonville Campus as High School Pastor.

We are dividing our staff out a little different by instead of doing High School Pastors by grade we are assigning them to schools. Shane Sisk, 1 of our HS Pastors, will be over Beech High School and all of our Private Schools and Shannon Self, 1 of our HS pastors, will be over Station Camp High School and Hendersonville High School.

Shannon is a true champion and leader. Shannon has an amazing gift to connect with students and I'm blessed to have him on our team. I'm very excited he is coming on board. He will be @ Quest this weekend where we will introduce him to all of our students.

Check out Shannon:

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