Monday, March 22, 2010

Steps to take Ownership in what you do:

Nothing drives me crazy than for someone not to take ownership in what they are leading. No matter if it is a volunteer position, paid position or just living out your passion. If you are passionate about it then take ownership in it...

Somethings you get put in charge of and it is not your passion but you have been asked by your boss to do it then take ownership in it and do it to your very best ability.

Here are a few steps in taking ownership in what you do:

1. Have a Whatever It Takes Attitude!!!

2. Have a Go For It Mentality

3. Stay Positive in your attitude.
there is nothing worst than a negative leader.

4. Have Passion for what you do or have been assigned

5. Have some Charisma
When you are in the people business then people must like you before they follow you. Do you have a likable attitude and spirit?

6. Yes I can attitude
When you get an assignment and you have no idea how to do it do you say I Can't or do you say I can? Too many people say no to there boss simply b/c they don't want to figure somehting out. Yes you Can!!!

7. Spirit that is willing to learn.

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