Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekly Creative Meeting

in our weekly creative meeting here is what i try to accomplish.

1. Sermon Prep
I walk the creative team (Made up of staff and students) through my message so we can come up w/ creative ways to communicate the message

2. Program
We want to be sure our program changes weekly. NOT bigger and better weekly but different weekly!!! Students should never get boarded.

3. Events
What events are coming and what videos/creative elements do we need to push those events. Along with that what are the expectations for video and creative elements at the event and after the event.

4. Involvement
How can we get more and more students involved in putting together the creative elements. Let the people/students own the ministry by doing the work of the ministry. A great example is we have a Junior and an 8th grader make most of our videos. We get names for sermon series at school lunches.

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