Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What to do on a School Campus

If God has blessed you in your student ministry and given you favor to be on school campus here are a few ways to make it a successful time.

1. Obey all the rules.
sometimes getting on school campus means setting at 1 table or turing in paper work to get in. Be sure you obey all the rules that the school has. Don't be an evangelist renegade and destroy your opportunity.

2. Go to the Cafeteria.
There is no better place to connect with students than the Cafeteria. Go work the room. If you have students scattered across the room go to each of there tables. Take time to talk to them and work on building relationships with those who set with them. You should be going back each week so each week the relationships should get strong. The more consistent you attend the cafeteria the more successful you will be.

3. Speak to all Administration
Principals, coaches and teachers all come through the cafeteria normally. Be sure you know who they are and speak to them. Remember to introduce yourself each time just in case they forgot your name. Never take up a lot of there time but always say hello.

4. Go see the Coaches.
Most of the time coaches are looking for chaplains for their team or just positive influences to be around their team. Make your presence know by attending practice, swinging by coaches offices, attending all games (If allowed be on the sidelines) and build relationships with all the coaching staff and players. It might take you a whole semester to get in with the coaching staff but if you are consistent and they know you are there for them and not for you then you will eventually have big opportunities.

5. Don't push your agenda - Build Relationships
A school campus is not a place for a youth pastor to push there agenda. It is a place where you are called to serve and build relationships. Do not cross the lines and do not go into any office with a personal agenda. Always go into offices, class rooms, teams and the cafeteria with the attitude you are just there to build relationships not to push some agenda!!!

6. Serve the School
Most coaches, principals and administration are going to ask very little of you. If you see a need through at the school and you know your church can help then offer your assistance. Most of the time it will involved facilities, money and a lot of giving of your time, but hey that is your job!!!

7. Go to the School
If you say i am kick out of schools, well you are not kicked out of the games. Go support the school, take the coach to lunch and see how you can help him. Find way and pray for opportunity for you to bless the school.

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