Monday, May 17, 2010

A Challenge for Middle TN

As I study our area in Middle TN I am strongly convicted on reaching more and more students for Christ. We have 423 Baptist church’s in Middle TN. Out of the 423 Baptist churches 306 of them baptized 0 students in our area. Only 30 of the 423 Baptist churches have baptized over 10 students last year when only 1 of those baptized over 100 students.

I am convinced we need to help all churches baptize 5 students or more a year. If just the churches in Middle TN would baptized 5 students a year then we would baptize 2,115 students a year. Last year we baptized 1,118 students.

I am challenge to step up and help make this happen by leading the way with Long Hollow Student Ministry.

The churches that baptized 5 or more last year in Middle TN averaged 17.32. So if those 55 churches keep their average rate of 17 and the other 368 churches baptized at least 5 students a year we would be baptizing 2,792.6 students a year in middle TN.

This would result in watching students get plugged into small group, become missional minded followers of Jesus Christ and reach their friends. What would this do to Middle TN? What would this do in the homes of the students in middle TN? How many parents, grandparents, friends, co- workers, teacher and others would give their life to Christ because of this?

How do we make this happen? This is what I’m working on and dreaming. I think we can make this happen and I believe God is tired of us setting around talking about this and thinking about it and time for someone to do!!!

I want to help those that baptized under 5 students a year to reach this goal. Pray with me as we work on this vision.

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