Friday, June 4, 2010

Soldier Update - Nathan Wagnon

I am officially out of Afghanistan. We landed safely in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan this afternoon and were greeted by pine trees, regular grass, 65° and a drizzling rain . . . no one complained J. From a military standpoint I feel that we did the best we could with what we had, and I will watch with great interest to see how the summer goes, but I am not going to miss that place. It is a dark land, an oppressed place with little hope. I pray that our military can turn the tide and bring the hope of freedom from oppression and war to the Afghani people.

From a ministry standpoint I am definitely in transition. Obviously I won’t be running combat patrols with my men anymore, so this will free me (and them) up to be more structured in the way Margaret and I reach out to them. Please pray for vision, that we will be accurate in how we reach these men (and their wives) with the gospel. One thing I have been re-minded about over the past 7 months is that you can have motivation, a plan, everything in place for success, but unless the Holy Spirit is working it won’t go anywhere. Please pray for a strong movement of the Holy Spirit in the lives of my men . . . right now their spiritual sensitivity is almost nil. Margaret and I truly are ministering to a godless culture. Pray that the LORD will give me favor and bless my efforts, feeble as they may be. Another one of those situations where if anything happens it can only be explained by God.

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