Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dividing Out Small Groups - Few Thoughts

This is the time of year that we are "re-doing" our small groups. Every year in August we start the new year with all new small groups.

Here are a few principles we follow along with how we divided out LHSM Groups.

1. We enlist Leaders not just fill in spots.
It is important that you go after the right people. If you just fill your spots then you will have average small groups at best. If you enlist leaders then you will have excellent small groups.

2. The Success of small groups is not the curriculum you use it is the Leaders you have trained.
The Success of small groups will rise and fall on their leaders. The leaders ability to do their job is a determination of how you have trained them. We must train our leaders in the direction we believe God is calling us to go.

3. Train Your Leaders.
We are doing a 6-Mid Night training the 1st of Aug for all of our leaders. This helps us start right. This is not the only training but it is the start. We must start strong in our training. During this time we will look at: The Vision, How to fulfill the Vision, Training, Having Fun, and much more.

4. Pray over your leaders.
If you are not praying for your leadership daily don't expect them to be praying for you. We must pray over each other because when God is moving the enemy is attacking. He is not just attacking the pastors & staff, he is attacking everyone involved in reaching people! Pray!

5. Allow Students to Sign up in what Group they want to be in.
We allow students to pick there group based on gender and grade. This puts them in a group with some of their friends. It also puts them in a group with others that go to their same campus. I believe it is important for students to do life together and not be separated all the time. We then take all of the students who never signed up and place them in the best group we can find for that student.

6. Be sure all leaders know their expectations.
We expect all leaders to...
--Contact their students weekly (Here is a weekly plan we are encouraging for all of our adults http://brianmills247.blogspot.com/2010/01/student-ministry-volunteer-weekly-plan.html)
--Show up Consistently.
--Have fellowship outside of the church often.
--Prepare weekly.
--Attend their events/programs often. Get in their world.

7. Place Students/Adults strategically
Be sure the adults you assign to a certain group will fit in that group. Remember the success of your small groups will be determined by the small group leader.

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