Monday, November 1, 2010

Key to Seeing Students Baptized weekly!!!

As you know in student ministry we are watching the numbers of baptism fall yearly. Each year we see more full time youth pastors, more professionals, more students, more youth workers and more money but we are seeing fewer and fewer students being baptize.

This does not make sense!!!

I believe EVERY CHURCH SHOULD HAVE NO LESS OF A GOAL than 12 students a year. Yes 1 teenager a month should be baptize in every church no matter the size!!!

How can this happen? Good question. You can not see students baptize unless you share the gospel. Stop playing all the games and get to the gospel!!! Believe it or not that is not the "Key to seeing students baptize weekly" though!!!



If you are doing as God's word calls you to do and discipline your people then your people are winning people to Jesus. Not only that, but they should be bringing un-church people to your church and you should be giving an invitation for them to respond. If not shame on you!!!

Once someone is saved many never call them or follow up with them. So here is a follow up plan for you to do:

All of this should happen in the 1st 48 hours:
1. Don't let the individual leave your church without a pastor speaking to them about the next step in there walk with Christ which is Baptism!

2. Have a Pastor do a follow up phone call within 48 hours to check in with them and be sure they are set up for baptism.

3. Send a letter the next day talking about baptism and giving them times where they can be baptize and the times where they can get plugged into a small group.

4. Baptize weekly on Sunday and Wednesday's.

5. Never ask do you want to be baptized but when do you want to be baptized then list some times with in the next 7 days.

All of this takes work and time. But with todays technology of facebook, texting, cell phones and the ability to get in touch with people "now" you can follow up today easier than ever!!!

Question to ask:
1. Do you have a follow up plan?
2. What kind of accountability do you have for your self and your staff to be sure everyone is accomplishing the plan.
3. Are you baptizing weekly/monthly? If not why?
4. Are people bring lost friends with them to church? if not why?

I am in the trenches with you and we are doing this and working hard at it. Let's go for it and watch lives be changed weekly and watch people rise up to be warriors for our God!!!

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