Monday, January 3, 2011

14 Simples ways to win in 2011 in your ministry

A few ways that you can win in your ministry in 2011.

1.  Wake up each day and spend time with God 1st!!!

2.  Cast a clear vision to your people so they know the direction God has called you to take the ministry this year.

3.  Evaluate last year.  What worked?  What did not?  What needs to change?

4.  Set Goals:  Baptism, Attendance, Discipleship, etc...

5.  Build a strong volunteer team!!!  You can never train enough.

6.  Be Creative in your programing!

7.  Don't procrastinate!  Don't wait until sunday to plan sunday or Wednesday to plan Wednesday.  Work ahead on all events, sermons and programs.

8.  Create a new level of excellence in your ministry.  Don't be satisfied with the status quo.

9.  Network with other great leaders in your area of ministry.  Pick up the phone and call or shoot someone an email or facebook message.  If they don't contact you back you don't need to learn from them anyways!

10.  Set a goal to baptize no less than 12 students this year.  1 a month!  Cast this vision to your people and work hard.  If every Baptist church in the country baptized 12 students we would begin to change the culture in today's teenagers!!!  Go for it

11.  Read books:  Theology, Leadership, Inspiration, biographies and others.  Just read!!!

12.  Do Events on Purpose - Do not just do an event to do it.  Make all events and programs purposeful and be sure your people understand the vision of the event!!!

13.  Have FUN!!!  Laugh more this year!!!

14.  Pray Pray Pray - Last thing I will write on this is you must PRAY!!!  Get on your knees more this year.  Encourage your people to get on their knees more this year!!!  LET'S PRAY FOR A TRUE MOVEMENT OF GOD TO HAPPEN ALL ACROSS THE WORLD!!!

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