Monday, January 24, 2011

Lesson for the Staff today - HARD GOALS - by Mark Murphy

I took some of Mark Murphy's book "Hard Goals" today and share it with our staff.

Here are my notes:

Here is how Mark break's down HARD goals:  My question is are you function with the HARD goals model or the SMART goals (Specific, Mesasurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Limited) model?  

I made the statement today that if you function your attitude in and around HARD goals then you are wanting to set the pace for tomorrow culture today.  Focusing on SMART goals is also great but you are more just doing as the culture does.  I want to push myself to go from good to great and I believe moving from SMART goals to HARD goals can take you from good to great!  

Passionate Goals:  - You believe in them..  not just a job or an idea..  it is God given!!! 

Goals can’t be just a number..  you have to see them…  think of Steve Jobs w/ the IPAD…  I don’t believe he said 657,000 Sold is my goal.. 

No he saw the faces of the people when they opend the box..  he saw the smiles, the wants on faces as people watch the commercial before it was created!!! 

He saw it… 

We have to see it

You must reach it!!!  Why b/c it is heartfielt!!! 

Like the toddler who wants something off the shelf – he will try hard then throw a fit if he can’t get it!!!  Not an option not to reach goals!!! 

IF you persue hards goals you pursue uncharted territory..  you do not want to be just another Youth Pastor, or make it just another sermon or another Sunday AM or Wednesday Night… 

You want it to be unique..  different..  not the way we have always done it!!!  You want to lead the culture not just follow what the culture has always done!!! 

That means you must set difficult goals and pursue them!!! 

Take Steve Jobs…  He has never made a career out of doing things others said couldn’t be done, and trust me no goal he’s ever set is going to pass the achievable and realistic test for a smart goal!!! 

I’d be willing to bet that the goal that drove your greatest achievement was an increadibly challenging, deeply emotional, highliy visual, and utterly necessary goal!!!  Your mind would be alive and buzzing w/ the thrill of it!!! 

What in your life is like that?

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