Friday, February 11, 2011

Last Crazy Love Offering THIS WEEKEND

This weekend we finish up our with our 5th and last offering.

The Crazy Love Campaign is a massive challenge that we’ve taken on as a church family since 2009. It’s an intentional response to God’s goodness. It’s our reaction to a hurting world. It’s our 18-month initiative to live generously and do something crazy for God.
It has been amazing to see God work in our midst through the previous four offerings; the countless stories of generosity, sacrifice, provision and life change are constant reminder of the great God we serve.
As we move toward the 5th offering this weekend, join us every day as we take a look at the five ministry goals we plan to achieve through this offering.
Our family goal for Offering #5 is $500 (with a combined goal of $1,000,000). What is God calling you to give?

Caring for Our Current Orphans in Haiti and Uganda

A large portion of Offering #5 will go toward the care of our precious children that are already a part of our orphan villages. Your gifts will provide daily food, necessities, education, and supervision. Your generosity will also fund start-up expenses for a school.
Go HERE to see Pictures:

Crazy Love Offering 5: Overlooking PAP from Long Hollow Baptist Church on Vimeo.

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