Monday, March 7, 2011

Equip the Saints to do the work of the ministry! WHAT????????

We use the phrase often that our jobs as youth pastors, pastors or leaders in the church is to “equip the saints for the work of the ministry.”  I believe this is the most biblical view of ministry we can find. 

But how does it break down practically for us as leaders in the church?  Let me try to give you some real practical ways to “Equip the Saints.”

Find Quality people and Train them.   You can have great people and if they are never trained then their quality of work is an example of your leadership, poor.  Leaders always are training their team.  It is an ongoing process. 

Trust your people to do the job.  What good is it if you get the right people and you train them well then you never release them. 

Let your people do the job.  – If you ask a volunteer to do something then get out of there way and let them go!!!!  Yes, you should inspect what you expect but that does not mean you should do it for them.  Let them go!!!  It will free you up. 

Communicate communicate communicate.  – Just because you open your mouth does not make it effective communicator.  “John Maxwell  just wrote a book on all of this called– everyone communicates few connect.” 

Pray over your team: 

Text / Call your team often – weekly – “Shepherded your team the way you expect them to Shepherded”

Meet Often and Rally Weekly – Tell Stories of what is going on in our ministry.

The important thing is to build the team, train the team and let the team go for it. Never say you are a small staff because our staff is our volunteers and we can have as many as we go after. 

Equip the saints and do ministry like you have never done it before!!!  

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