Sunday, April 10, 2011

Leadership Thoughts from Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswal Sanders

One of our staff memebers, Henery Bieber, typed this up from reading Spiritual Leadership.

  • To lead others, I must master myself!
  • I  must be calm in crisis and resilient in adversity
  • I must not ask others to do what I must do, and that is seeking the Lord for myself and this ministry to which He has called me.
  • I must recognize that all criticism has come my way through the hand of God, therefore I can evaluate it carefully and respond with humility.
  • I must take my disappointments to the One to whom I matter the most.
  • I must demonstrate the ability to lead with confidence, but not force. Not confidence in myself, but confidence in the One who called me and keeps me.
  • I must look for the “win-win”, realizing that everyone on my team is important and I want to take as many of them with me as I can.
  • I must not run from difficulty, for in it I can grow and mature.
  • I must expect that not everyone will agree with me and a humble response to it opens doors to further relationship and more opportunities to encourage change.
  • I must look to God for my significance and offer significance to others at every opportunity. The praise of man is fleeting, but the approval of God is eternal and life-giving.
  • I must be confident in the knowledge that God wants to use me for His purposes so that I can speak with power and humility to those who are in authority over me.
  • I must value those who follow, and my job is to develop their leadership potential.
  • I must put away prejudices and delight in the uniqueness of others with different opinions, cultures and backgrounds.
  • I must remain single focused.
  • I must remain optimistic in the face of adversity.
  • I must pray about, evaluate these principles and practice them daily to remind myself that, in and of myself, they cannot be achieved and I am desperate for God’s power in the practice of them.

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