Thursday, August 11, 2011

Creative Idea for a Sermon on Getting out of your Comfort Zone

We have started a new series called “To Live a Better Story.” The first week of the series was on Getting out of your comfort zone.

What we did at the end of the message is I had some of our students stand up and pass out a sealed envelope in which had a task for that week in it.

This task is something the students must do this week. IF they accepted the challenge we asked them to go home and post on our and post on our wall “I Accept the challenge to live a better story.”

I can’t wait until next week to see how they did.

Here are the 5 assignments that we divided out and passed out. Each student just received 1 of them. It was done in random order as well so we have no idea what student has what assignment.

1. Share the gospel w/ one person face to face
2. Sit w/ someone that you never thought you would sit w/ at lunch one day.
3. Pray with 5 friends this week out loud.
4. Resolve an issue you have w/ someone in your life.
5. Serve someone every day this week at school. A different person each day.
Post on our wall – “I accepted the Assignment to life a better story”

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