Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Impact Resources

I am really excited about this new line coming out called Impact Resources.  Impact Resources will be a line of curriculum that is designed specifically for your church.  

All the curriculum that is produced by Impact will have already been used by @LHStudents 

It is a curriculum that is theological sound, easy to understand and easy on your leaders.  

There are two pieces coming out the first of the year.  

THUR is a 1 year Chronological look through scripture designed for small groups.  Long Hollow Student Ministry just finished this and it was truly challenging.  

I believe we are facing an epidemic in America and across the world with the issue to Bible Illiteracy.  This curriculum tackles that issue head on.  I have committed as a youth pastor to walk our students THRU Gods word every 4 years in chronological order.  So as a teen you will go THRU the bible 2x's fully.  What if all student ministries did that?  

You now can with this curriculum.  

You can Buy the PDF version for $700 and are allowed to make all the copies you want or just buy a book for each person for $50 a book.  Depending on the size of the student ministry if you are using it like us you will want to use the $700 option.  It is 52 weeks.  


You will be hearing more about this.  It will also be published on the SLU Store.  

B4UG stands for Before you Go!

it is designed for your Senior Class.  We have used this for 3 years now at Long Hollow and it has been an amazing resource.  You will want to buy it.  


We have just started the journey to turning Brent Crowe's book Chasing Elephants into curriculum.  This will be coming soon.