Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stumin Sidekick is a new line coming out that I am really excited about.  Youth Pastor Matt Lawson speak about it on his blog.  

Here is what Matt says about it:

STUMIN SIDEKICK is helping change the way youth ministry is resourced. We believe the best stuff comes from those on the ground doing youth ministry every day. And we believe it should be accessible for almost any budget.
Every student ministry leader needs more help, more finances, more resources, more leaders, more budget and they need them NOW. There’s never enough. STUMIN SIDEKICK is just the help you need. It’s the nitty-gritty, highly affordable (and sometimes free for subscribers!) resource depot for everyday youth ministry.
But this is more than just any resource site. These are resources direct from the trenches of highly effective & growing youth ministries across the country. From sermon series to curriculum to retreats to postcards to t-shirt designs to pass out cards to posters to graphics and more,STUMIN SIDEKICK is dynamic resources for heroic leaders.
All resources are rebrandable, reprintable, customizable, and immediately available. Most resources are direct from a youth pastors hard drive to STUMIN SIDEKICK users.
STUMIN SIDEKICK is the partner who will:
  • Make you the hero: Completely customizable to make your own.
  • Save your budget: We will never over price a resource.
  • Give you a break: You give so much. It’s time someone gave back to you. All subscribers will receive free resources every month.
  • Hear your need: Need a resource you can’t find here or anywhere? We’ll call our hero partners and find what you need.
  • Keep you fresh: We feature new content every week and roll out the content that isn’t being taken. This stuff is fresh.
This is one sidekick you can depend on. We’ll deliver what you need fast, cost effectively, and ground tested!
I encourage all of you to check this out and subscribe to this amazing resource.