Monday, February 11, 2013

Way's to use Checkpoints - A Tactical Guide to Manhood

Here are a few ways I have heard of people using checkpoints:

You can buy the book here:

1.  Teenagers using it as accountability groups.

2.  Dad's taking the 40 day challenge w/ their sons.

3.  Youth Pastors all over the Nation going through it w/ groups of boys.

4.  FCA's using it for the Huddle Groups w/ the guy teams.

5.  Team Talks

6.  Military men taking books w/ them overseas and taking a group of men through it.

7.  Teams coming together once a week to walk through the book.

8.  Men's conferences using the idea of Checkpoints.

9.  Just guys reading it for themselves.

10.  Mom's reading it to get a better look into their boys.

How are you using it?  Let me know.

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