Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to Sign students up for an Event

Each event is different, but the event in which you take students somewhere like Camp or Disciple Now there is a key to getting students signed up.

This is a question I get asked often so I thought i would just answer it here...

Shave your head or anything else if your students reach a goal.  This does not create great growth nor develop leadership.

1.  Be sure your volunteers and the students understand the vision of the trip.

2.  Set a goal for all your small group leaders and get them onboard to help you sign students up.  You can not do it alone.

3.  As volunteers reach their goal reward them w/ something simple but that says "Way to Go!"

4.  Every Sunday and Wednesday take time to push the event.

5.  Preach a series leading up to the event that encourages students to bring friends.

6.  Challenge your students to bring a friend that is un-churched.  Be Missional!

7.  Call/Text all the students in your system about the event.  Take good notes on what they say and follow up w/ the ones you never get in touch with or say they are going.  Keep up if they sign up or not so you can follow up on them.

8.  Each week highlight on your volunteers rolls the students who are signed up and the students not signed up so they know who to encourage.

9.  Ask your pastor for a scholarship fund to help take un-church students or students who would go if someone could help them out.

10.  Set goals for your ministry and work hard to reach them.

11.  Work Work Work

12.  Pray Pray Pray

Just a few thoughts that might help get you started on getting more to your next event.