Sunday, April 14, 2013

Strategy to Sign Students up for Camp.

Few ways we will work hard to be sure students know and have the opportunity to sign up for @LHStudents camp.

1.  Pray for God's favor over the camp and sign ups.

2.  Set Goals for each staff member and each small group member.

3.  Use our volunteers and leadership students.

4.  Have a Call team come up made up of students and adults to call every teenager on our roll.  They will then keep good notes so they can report back to the pastors what each person said.

5.  Take time in small groups to talk about camp.

6.  We highlight our small groups leaders list of students weekly w/ who has signed up for camp so they know who to talk too.

7.  We will be sure every student knows we will help them finically if we need too so they can go.

8.  We challenge our students to invite at least 1 unchurched friend to be a part of this week with them.

9.  If a student tells a volunteer NO, we will follow up w/ that students as pastors on our staff.

10.  We preach a series leading up to camp so help challenge our students with reaching their friends.

12.  We put on an A+ camp experience that you want to invite your friends too.

13.  We recruit the finest adults to be a part of this week.  Camp will rise and fall on the volunteers you get to lead it.

14.  We create a Social Media campaign to get the word about camp out there.

15.  Mail out to over 8000 students in our system.

I know this sounds like a lot and would take a lot of time.  YES!  We have 8,000+ students in our system we will follow up with.  To get the results you want you have to use the volunteers the Lord has blessed you with.  We have amazing volunteers who work very hard at accomplishing the goal.

Those are a few ideas.  We do ALL the above and then some.  Point is we have to work hard to get the right students there and then let God move in a powerful way.  I can't wait to see all God is going to do this year at our camp.

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Abe & Lindsay said...

great resources on your sight, just a typo or two maybe, depending on context, but awesome ideas!!!
10. "so" to "to" I think. "so" makes sense if you read it as a command imperative, which is most definitely the goal if placed in the hands of volunteers and those assisting with the ministry at large.
Like I said appreciate the website, pray that you guys continue to disciple students and lead them to follow Jesus for His ultimate and perfect glory.