Monday, August 12, 2013

Interning @LHStudents by Tyler Brown

Interning this summer has been amazing. When you come in as an intern, you surround yourself with great spiritual leaders who are great to look up too. I have learned so much just being around and watching how to work in a student ministry that goes after it. I can’t say enough how thankful I am to everyone on staff. Each person over the last two summers has helped me in my daily walk with God.  I really enjoyed reading the Circle Maker this summer as well; it has really challenged my prayer life and helped me pray bolder prayers and just see God work in my life.

There are many tedious jobs and long hours that come along with it, but those late nights are all worth it. All that work before camp is so worth it when you see hundreds of kids making decisions that will forever change their lives. From start to finish this year, every part of camp was an awesome experience. It was great hearing Casey Benson and Matt Lawson share about their lives and seeing the impact they made on the students, the leaders, and myself.

It has been a great summer working here as an intern. I have gotten to learn and experience what it is like working on a campus. I feel ready and prepared to take my next step. I loved interning this summer and feel certain that my calling right now is student ministry. I am excited and scared for the next step, but feel confident that I will take what I have learned this summer and apply it to my future.

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