Monday, September 16, 2013

Multi-Site Org Chart - Who answers to who?

One question I get a lot is what is the chain of command in your multi sites.  Who answers to who?  What roll does the campus pastor play in leading the youth pastor?  How much say do you have over that ministry? 

I want to try to answer this in short to try and help. 

There is a lot more to say on this topic than you want to read here but I do love how Long Hollow has set it up and it does work very well.  

I have been a part of Multi Sites done 3 different ways. 
1.     1.  Where each ministry is operated individually and really has nothing to do with each other.  The Youth pastors on each campus work completely for the campus pastor and never really connect with each other.

2.    2.   I also worked in one in which there was a direct line to my campus pastor and to the youth pastor that oversees all campuses.  The youth pastor could say one thing and the campus pastor another and you would have no idea who to follow.  We were a ministry that did things on our own and were not all on the same page except for a few times a year. 

3.     3.  Where I am now.  I oversee all campuses youth ministries and staff.  We are all on the same page and take a very simple approach to multi site. 

So what have I learned about the leadership chain and how it can allow you to win big or be average on all campuses. 

Out of the 3 Models I have been apart of the way Long Hollow does it seems to be the most efficient and productive.  We take a very simple yet very purposeful approach to multi site ministry. 

Let me give you a few ways on how to be sure you win in doing a simple approach to multi site with the Org Chart. 

1.    Must be clear from the top down. 
If you’re a youth pastor who oversees mult-sites and you are to lead all the sties youth ministries yet it is not seen that way from the top you need to re-think your strategy.  You must follow your leadership. 

My boss Jeff Lovingood sets me up for success in the way he leads.  I am following his vision and leadership in the way we do multi-site and he makes sure I win. 

2.    You must know who is in charge at the end of the day:
This is always confusing.  Who is in charge of the youth ministry or any ministry?  Well if #1 is taken care of and communicated well then this is not an issue.  In our organization Jeff makes it clear that I am in charge of youth ministry and before any decisions are made on any campus for student ministries they know they have to run it through me and I get final say. 

In saying that remember your must take a team approach and work well with your campus pastors and your leadership.  Power trips never win favor!!! 

3.    Keep it Simple:
When everyone is in charge no one is in charge.  Keep it simple.  My staff knows for all things youth ministry they come to me.   I meet w/ all campuses youth staff every Tuesday in a staff meeting and every Thursday in a creative meeting.  We plan together, pull things off together, help each other out.  We are a TEAM not individuals.  No campus more important than the other.  We are one ministry operating on many campuses.  With the understanding that some require more attention due to their size. 

All campuses do the same curriculum, sermon series, show the same videos, etc…  That is for a different blog though. 

4.    Be Engaged:
You can not lead in today’s multi-site from the office.  If you want to gain favor with the campuses and their staff’s you must get out of the office and build the relationships.  Relationship with staff, volunteers, students and others.  You must take time to spend time with people.  We are in the people business not an office job business.  As my boss, Jeff Lovingood, would say, “A phone call is better than an email or just get up and walk to that persons office.”  Phone calls and face to face conversations build strong relationships. 

In my opinion the chain of command should look like this:

Next Generation Pastor of All Campuses
Youth Pastor for all campus youth ministries
All youth staff report to the youth pastor. 

What does the campus pastor do with the youth pastor?
  Makes sure all things at the campus are covered and helps in the recruiting of volunteers and supporting the youth ministry.  Helps build relationships in the community with the youth pastor.  He is the youth pastors biggest cheer leader on that campus.  He as well will help be sure there are no issues in the student ministry and if there is he reports back to the Lead Youth Pastor on how it should be handled.    

Long Hollow’s campus pastors are awesome to work with and make this relationship amazing when it comes to the youth ministry.  We are seeing huge things happen on all campus in youth ministry and I believe it is due to the system we have created in keeping it simple in the chain of command in our multi-sites. 

Benefits of doing Multi-Site Youth Ministry this way:
1.     Easy to communicate
2.     Clear Direction
3.     Saves Money
4.     Keeps all campuses on the same page.
5.     Creates a good team dynamic

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