Monday, September 30, 2013

Salvaging My Identity - For Girls

I am very excited about my Wife's and Rachel Lovingood book that is now out called Salvaging my Identity.  

Help spread the word to others by tweeting or RE Tweeting anything @Salvagingbook put out there.  It is our prayer every girl will go through this book.

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Here is what some people have said about Salvaging My Identity:

"As a woman who's life's work has been pouring into high school and college students, being a mom of two young adult women and aunt to eight girls ranging from 5-15, I see DAILY how crucial the message of Salvaging My Identity is. This next generation of girls desperately needs to understand and walk in their true identity that is in Christ and Christ alone!! In a world that is constantly bombarding girls with lies and impossible expectations, this book is a must read guide as well as an authentic reminder that we are all, no matter our age, searching to know our true identity. Rachel and Jennifer bring a fresh and realistic perspective to this hot topic that is applicable to girls and young women of today."
~Kristi Malzahn
Wife of Gus Malzahn, Auburn University Head Football Coach

"Allow me to recommend this instinct classic, "Salvaging My Identity" by Jennifer Mills and Rachel Lovingood! Like a cool drink of water on a hot summer day, this book is a refreshing approach for young ladies growing into adulthood.  I am not only a speaker to teens, but also a father to a teenage girl.  I am indebted to you for giving people like me a tool so effective for young ladies. Every young lady would be challenged, inspired and encouraged by reading this book."
~Scott Dawson

“The need for approval and acceptance began in the garden with Eve and has continued to hunt down the feminine soul ever since.  Rachel and Jennifer's many years of experience with student ministry has given them the insight to put together an interactive work of Scripture discovery that empowers girls to cross the bridge of adolescence with a clear view of success.  Focused on emotional and spiritual health at its pulse point, the study offers a strong voice against a crushing culture and enables girls to become the godly women that the Lord created them to be.   This is a valuable resource for every girls' ministry.  Well done, ladies!”  
~Diane Strack
Author, Co-founder, Student Leadership University

"As the American family continues to struggle and break down, the children absorb much of the pain and confusion from living in a culture that values success and appearance over character and integrity.  Girls in particular need guidance and wisdom in finding out who they really are beyond their boyfriends or social cliques.  "Salvaging My Identity" is filled with practical, common sense truth that every American girl needs to make it in this culture.  Grounded in Biblical truth, it's a powerful resource for young women who struggle with their identity, their insecurities, and the fears that come along with being young and unsure of the future."
~Clayton King
President, Crossroads Ministries
Teaching Pastor, NewSpring Church
Campus Pastor, Liberty University

"With the opening definition of the word “salvaged” my heart knew Salvaging My Identity is a rescue for this generation of young women. It is biblically rich and culturally astute, while challenging girls to “re-think” critical topics such as image obsession, failure, shame and host of others. This is a bold work and desperately needed. Women of all ages, read this book and engage a younger woman—you may help salvage her identity."
~Kathy Ferguson Litton
Ntn'l. Consultant for Ministry to Pastor’s Wives at NAMB

“The hyper sexualized bandit of commercialism has robbed young girls of their identity today. The crime scene is heartbreaking. Stripped of their self worth, honor and purpose girls are left cluelessly stuck in a deadly game of Identity Charades.  "Salvaging My Identity" is a game changer! Jennifer Mills & Rachel Lovingood have broken through the madness and the guessing is over! Each sentence and every chapter brings high definition clarity rescuing girls from a life of painful pantomimes to one of stability, value and power.”
~Tony Nolan

"Excellent.  Engaging. Spoken into the heart of this generation in honest, strong biblical truth. Salvaging My Identity will challenge & encourage young ladies to incorporate God's truth in daily living as they salvage their identity in Christ Jesus. Written for a small group or individually...  A much needed book for young women!"
~Esther Burroughs
Author, Speaker, Bible Teacher

“Many women don't come from a family foundation offaith, or over time, they've been convinced they have nouse, no gifts, no callingSalvaging My Identity is anopportunity for this generation of girls and women toaddress the lies and allow the Savior to pick up thepiecesThe insight, Biblical truth and overall clarityof Salvaging will play a role in re-building a brokengeneration.”
~Tim Miller
Teaching Pastor, Sevier Heights Baptist Church

"In a world where girls face real problems, this book is the perfect bridge inside the mind of today's adolescent young women. Whether your popular, or the quiet shy girl in class that typically goes unnoticed, this insightful book can help both be better, feel better and live better" 
 ~Criscilla Anderson
Choreographer & Dancer, wife to Coffey Anderson

“Jennifer Mills and Rachel Lovingood have written a book that is real and relevant for anyone seeking to equip girls with a biblical understanding of womanhood and identity. The wisdom gained from their combined thirty plus years of girls ministry experience is evident with the turning of every page. 'Salvaging My Idenity' combines a practical eight week study guide approach with the sacred purpose of helping girls encounter and experience the Scriptures!” 
Brent Crowe 
Author, Speaker and VP of Student Leadership University 

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