Saturday, October 5, 2013

Why I LOVE what Scott Mills & Lifeway Films are doing.

I recently had the unique privilege to go to Los Angles and spend some time with the cast & producers of the Movie Grace Unplugged .  Here are a few things i learned:

1.  If you get Hollywood excited about "Faith based Films" then we can reach not only Hollywood but the world.

This is something Lifeway Films is working very hard at and is succeeding.  I am very grateful for Producers like Brad Silverman who is writing and producing these films out of Hollywood.  He and his wife have an amazing heart and are living a gospel centered life.

2.  The better the actors the better the movie.  The cool thing is some of the movies will reach the actors in the movie.  This is a big thing i realized meeting many of the people of Hollywood.

3.  The impact of the movies will go Global

4.  The Church NEEDS TO SUPPORT these movies so that hollywood sees they can make money on the movie.
Yes that sounds crazy but if they don't see they can make money on the movie they will not put more money in it.  If they know they can win finically then they will put more into it which means the better chance the movie has and the greater the impact.

5.  Lifeway is making a huge investment & I believe we will see a huge impact.  

6.  Scott Mills is working hard to take the Gospel around the world as the one who oversees lifeway films for Lifeway. 
 Be praying for Scott!!!!

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