Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mills in Transition:

For about a year now my wife, Jennifer, and I have really felt heavy on our hearts that God was up to something new & that He was going transition us in careers in the near future.  I absolutely love youth ministry and am so honored how God has so chosen to use me to lead in student ministry at Long Hollow and across the country. 

I never want to walk away from that and believe I will always be doing youth ministry training, speaking and leading for many years to come. 

With that said, we knew that God was going was doing something new in us and was going to release us from Long Hollow and into a new ministry career.  When Jordan Easley was called to be the Pastor of Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson, TN he had asked us if we would pray & consider joining him on his executive team on this new adventure in building this amazing church.  

Jordan has asked us to come along side them at Englewood Baptist to be the Executive Pastor of Ministries/Teaching Pastor at Englewood

In this new position I will oversee birth to senior adult ministries of Englewood along with being a Teaching Pastor in sharing some preaching opportunities there beginning August 1st. 

Through much prayer and conversation, Jennifer and I really feel a peace that this is a great fit for our family and God's call on our life, so we have accepted this new role at Englewood Baptist Church and will move and begin this journey at the end of this month.

We are excited to see what God does in this church and in the Jackson community along with using this church to take the Gospel around the world. 

This is definitely bittersweet for our family to leave the church and city that we love and that will always have a special place in our hearts! We have absolutely LOVED this five year chapter of our journey here in Hendersonville and at Long Hollow. We consider it an honor and privilege have had the opportunity to have been apart of what God has done & will continue to do here at LHstudents. This is the only "home" that our kids can remember as they have been connected in school, sports, gymnastics, & with their friends here in Hendersonville that we are so sad to leave. 

Jennifer and I both will still be very involved in speaking, writing and training in all areas of ministry and will stay very involved in the student ministry arena as well. 

Here are a few ways you could join us in praying through this transition. 
Please pray:

1. For our kids to transition well. 

2. That our home here in Hendersonville will sell.

3. That God will use us in a great way at Englewood Baptist Church.  

We are really going to miss all the people in Sumner county and Long Hollow Baptist Church.  It has been an amazing 6 years of seeing lives changed and living in this community.  


Dikola Bragg said...

Praying for your 3 request. My kids went to a dodgeball event at our church in Houston tonight and recalled fondly all the amazing things they learned and experienced under your leadership at LH! All the Best! The Bragg Family!

Bridgett said...

God bless you all. I will be in prayer. Your ministry has been a blessing and an inspiration ever since we meet thanks to the Harmon family. I pray I get the privilege again tohear you preach. To God be the glory.
Bridgett Marriott