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What people are saying about Virtuosity - A 40 day journey for Guys to do the Common Uncommonly Well -

Virtuosity will take you on a journey that challenges your faith and walk with God. We were created to learn, grow, achieve, to lead and teach. This book paves the way on becoming a man of God and a leader in your home or community. I am excited for your new journey to begin, when you pursue Virtuosity with God.
Graham Holmberg
2010 CrossFit Games Champion

“As a College Coach I am around young men daily.  These are men who are driven and passionate about football.  Being a great athlete requires a high level of intentionality and commitment, and spiritual maturity is no different.  College Football players know the sacrifice it takes to achieve great success in sports, but very few guys desire to put that same level of commitment into their faith.  People do not go from being a great athlete overnight.  Nether do Christians become spiritually fit by putting in the bare minimum.  Virtuosity is a 40 day guys devotional book that is committed to pushing boys and men to spiritual maturity.  This is a book I recommend all guys read and take the 40 day challenge written by Donavan and Brian."  
Rhett Lashley
Offensive Coordinator
Auburn University

Every man needs to be challenged to do the common uncommonly well. Virtuosity does this very thing! This simplistic approach challenges men to be in God's Word for 40 days, grabbing their attention with a strong challenge daily. Therefore, it is with great joy and excitement, I want to encourage every man to start this journey today by reading Virtuosity. Dads can take their sons through it as well as teams can go through it together. Thank you Brian Mills and Donavan DeGrie for helping all of us to get in better condition spiritually.
Dr. Ronnie Floyd
President of the Southern Baptist Convention
and Senior Pastor of Cross Church

Being a leader is more than a God-given gift… it’s something you strive to become. Great leaders become great through great intentionality, dedication, persistence and drive. Brian and Donavan have taken a simplistic approach to a complex challenge so that men can be pushed to do the common, uncommonly well in their walk with Christ.  I’d challenge any man, young or old, to go through this 40 day journey, and see how it affects the way you walk, talk, dream and live.
Donnie Smith
CEO Tyson Foods

Virtuosity is a challenge all men need to take.  As i work with students and leaders across the country I recognize more and more the importance of excellence and living our lives for Christ to the fullest.  Virtuosity challenges guys to do this very thing.  Day by day you will dive into scripture, be challenge then give some real practical solutions on how to accomplish the challenge of that day.  I would encourage all ministries to use this resource as a part of the guy discipleship.  
Clint Ivy
Youth Pastor
Prestonwood Baptist Church

"Pursuing physical fitness without also pursuing spiritual fitness is a dead end. Virtuosity is a great practical tool for developing a consistent biblical pattern of prayer and reflection in your daily life, and ultimately strengthening your personal relationship with God."
Russell Berger
Crossfit Official Spokesman

 “Virtuosity, written by Brian Mills who happens to be one of the most impressive young men I have met, is a cool term for those in competition who reach the highest level – in other words, they do the important things and the hard things “uncommonly well”. This book is written for guys who truly desire to be “built to last”. I highly recommend this for fathers to take their sons through, coaches to take their athletes through and youth pastors to take their young men through. In this age it seems that so many people spend all of their time trying to fit in when the Creator made us to stand out. Let’s get to the mechanics of life from the inside out.”
 Dr. Jay Strack
President & Founder of Student Leadership University

Pain is temporary, but accomplishment is forever! Slogans like these serve as proverbial challenges to go further and excel greater.  No one does that more than the world of "Cross fit".  To compliment such a mindset with a wholistic approach to the spiritual beings we were created to be is more than timely with this resource.  The very tenacity that moves one from complacency to courageous living within the call of biblical manhood is found in these pages.  Read, explore, challenge, commit and Repeat daily. Then you will defy the odds that stand against you by embracing the life you were called to which is...VIRTUOSITY!  

Ed Newton
Executive Director for the Lift Tour,
Teaching Faculty member for Student Leadership University,
Staff Evangelist FBC Central Florida.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the fittest of them all? Ok, so we don't ask that when we look in a mirror, but we are guilty of looking to it for validation of our fitness markers.
I absolutely love Virtuosity - A 40 Day Journey for Guys To Do the Common Uncommonly Well. What a fantastic resource for guys of every age. Not only am I grateful for the challenges it brings to my spiritual disciplines and journey, but I am also excited to have such a great resource I can walk through with my sons. I am always looking for something like this that is practical and approachable without being fluffy or passive in content. I am grateful for Brian Mills' heart for the gospel to come alive in every person. I'm pumped for all of us to have the opportunity to take this journey with him.

Travis Cottrell
Worship Leader

Forward thinking fitness understands that the mirror can lie. Bulk, curves and cuts aren't enough to overcoming fear, depression and self-sabotaging insecurities. There is a very spiritual side to being physical fit. Through Virtuosity, Donavan DeGrie and Brian Mills, empower and inspire such a radical transformation that you'll look in the mirror and see someone full of vitality on the inside.

Tony Nolan
Speaker and Author

We live in a world in desperate need of men, and in particular men of God. But you do not microwave a boy into a man; it takes time, leadership, and discipline. My friend Brian Mills and Donavan Degrie have written a helpful work in Virtuosity to help young men become men of God. I commend this book—Dads, mentors, student pastors, and young men, read this one!
Dr. Alvin L. Reid,
Professor of Evangelism and Student Ministry/
Bailey Smith Chair of Evangelism,
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary,
Wake Forest, North Carolina

Growing in one's faith is not merely acquiring more knowledge about God.  Instead, it is our ability to be devoted to basic principles of God's word and apply those timeless truths to our lives.  In this book, Virtuosity, you will find a desire to "do the common uncommonly well."  Join authors, Donavan DeGrie and Brian Mills, in a 40 day journey that focuses on a "quality" walk with God.  More is not always better, and those who grow in their faith are often committed to pursuing God with intentionality and intensity.
Clayton King
Founder of Clayton King Ministries

Deep inside every boy and every man is the desire to be the best we can be. I am so excited that Brian Mills and Donovan Degrie have written this 40-day journey to help us understand God’s design for men and how we can live in it with full intensity. I am recommending Virtuosity to every man and boy who needs this challenge.
Matt Lawson,
Pastor, Story City Church

For many guys the thought of being spiritually fit often seems complicated and out of reach. Brian Mills and Donavan Degrie have put together a 40 day journey that focuses and coaches you through a daily developing walk with Jesus that moves you toward spiritual maturity. Virtuosity is a must read that is life changing.
Sean Mills
Next Generation Pastor
theChurch.at Tulsa, OK

If you’re looking for a self-help book, this is not it!  But if you’re looking for a true life transformation and want to become the man God designed you to be, then I’d highly recommend you read Virtuosity and apply these principles to your life.  Ordinary men don’t become extraordinary by coincidence or chance.  It begins with you making an intentional decision to do the common things in life uncommonly well.  This book will make you uncomfortable with where you are, but it’ll also provide clarity about where you need to be.  
Jordan Easley
Senior Pastor at Englewood Baptist Church, Jackson, TN
& Author of the book “Life Change"

Advancing in our journey with Christ is not about a score we receive – it is about taking the next step in front of us and living out our day to day relationship with Him. Moving forward and getting stronger is about facing what is common and doing it uncommonly well. Like a great trainer, Brian and Donavan walk with you next step to next step and next day to next day breaking down the simple concepts of how to grow and mature in your faith by striving to apply the simple commandments that God has given us through His Word. 
Dr. Alex Himaya
Founding and Senior Pastor
theChurch.at Tulsa, OK

"After many years of working with young men and guys of all ages one thing that I have found common is often many have grown in age, but not spiritual maturity. I am thankful that long-time friend Brian Mills is again helping us guys out with the new resource Virtuosity. When used well, it will help guys to successfully grow to fully mature Christ-followers and men of the Word." 
J. Roger Davis
Student Life

"Brian and Donavan have provided an incredible opportunity for young men to mentor and be mentored with their book, Virtuosity.  As a former varsity high school basketball coach, I could have used Virtuosity as a tool to help lead, guide and shape male athletes while equipping them to go out and do the same for others."
                        Kacy Benson
Kacy Benson Ministries 

 I believe Brian has his finger on the pulse as he challenges young men to go for it with The Lord. After being in Youth Min for 3 decades it's exciting for me to see how God is using Brian.  He and Donavan have written a must use resources for youth ministries across America. 
Jeff Lovingood
Associate Pastor
Long Hollow Baptist Church

Doing the common uncommonly well is virtuosity.  Many strive to push pass the simple concepts into more advance concepts.  In the book Virtuosity, author Donavan DeGrie and Brian Mills, break down the simple concepts of how to grow and mature in your faith by striving to apply the simple commandments that God has given us through His word.  The journey to spiritual maturity is not advance or sophisticated.  Instead, it is about being committed to the very fundamental principles God has called us to in His word.  
Jonathan Burleson
CSO & Founder of eventaglobal

Virtuosity is a great follow up to Checkpoints-Tactical Guide To Manhood.  So many of our young boys and men feel entitled.  They want things to come easy, and they want it now.  They want to be leaders, but do not want to put in the work.  What separates the average from the great is doing the common uncommonly well.  Brian and Donavan challenge young men to this very thing, to live in obedience and become the Man God has created them to be.  The great thing is you can use this in one on one discipleship and when speaking to teams.
Shane Sisk
High School Pastor
Long Hollow Baptist Church

“two enthusiastic thumbs up for Brian’s and Donavan’s 40 day plan for turning baby Christian’s into strong men (and women) to be STRONG- ABIDING IN THE WORD- SPIRITUAL WARRIORS” .
Doug Couch
Student Ministry Specialist
Georgia Baptist Convention

I have written a 2 year curriculum for a Discipleship program called David's Men Youth where along with other leaders we take High School guys through Spiritual books that help young men grow in their faith. I have read and continue to read many books on Christian disciplines to select the ones that will best hold the attention of a young man as well as help them grow in the disciplines of the Christian faith. "Virtuosity - A 40 Day Journey for Guys to do the Common Uncommonly Well" is written with a simple reading plan and depth that is explained in simple ways using biblical truths. Most young men understand what it takes to physically become stronger and are willing to put in the work it requires to grow, but most do not understand or they are not willing to do the work it requires to grow spiritually. "Virtuosity" helps them relate the two and encourages them to learn the mechanics of spiritual growth, then challenges them to intensify their efforts. I look forward to putting this book in our students hands and walking them through it. 

Brian Jackson
Founder and Mentor, "David's Men Youth"

Brian and Donavan are both men with huge hearts for Christ and for discipline young men. I've known Brian personally for many years and he is passionate about sharing Christ with others and investing in the youth. These are two wise men with a lot of helpful things to say for young men trying to grow in their faith. Virtuosity is a huge help for young men trying to stay on the right track and grow in their faith.
Joshua Landrith
High School Student

Brian and Donavan do an outstanding job with this book, by keeping it practical for all Men to go on a 40 day journey with Virtuosity.  It  will challenge the boys of today to be men of God tomorrow.  I strongly recommend for you to send a group of men (or young men) through this book. 
Nathan Dooley
Youth Pastor
Long Hollow Baptist Church

Being fit requires a high level of intentionality and commitment, and spiritual maturity is no different. As an athletes I know the sacrifice it takes to achieve.   Virtuosity is a 40 day guys devotional book that is committed to pushing boys and men to spiritual maturity. Authors, Donavan Degrie and Brian Mills, take many of the concepts that Cross Fitters rely on for the results and make them very applicable  for guys to become more spiritually fit.
Riley Lovingood
High School Athlete

Tennessee Volunteer Commit

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