Friday, May 22, 2015

6 Simple Ways to do Marketing in your Ministry:

1.  Buy “cool” t-Shirts everyone will wear.
The key to a shirt is to be sure they will wear it after the event.   It is FREE PR.

2.  Buy t-Shirts for STAFF members to wear.
I have also bought t-shirts, had them delivered early, and asked the staff to wear them the week before the event.  This would generate excitement of what was coming in the ministry that week. 

3.  Send images to post to your volunteers.
Don’t just expect volunteers to post or to re post.  Send them an image through text message and ask them to post it.  Give them 3 different examples of what to post as text. 

4.  Send images to key leaders in your ministry to post.
Do the same as #3 with key leaders of your ministry who have social media presence. 

5.  Create a hashtag for all events and promote the hashtag a lot at the event for people to use.
This creates a buzz in the community.  Those who did not come need to see what they are missing out on.

6.  Post an album following the event.
After each event post an album of pictures online so others can see what happened at the event.  Include God stories in that album like how many were there, how many decisions, etc. 

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