Thursday, December 14, 2006

Chazown 3 Part Harmony

Your Chazown is your vision for your life. Chazown is a Hebrew word. How do you determine what your chazown is? Draw three Circles that join each other. In the center they should join together.

One Circle is your Core Values // which are the handful of values that you are most passionate about and stand for above all else.

The 2nd Circle is your spiritual gifts // which are your special abilities, the things you do noticeably well and love to do that you feel God has gifted you to do. God design us all a certain way. What are you designed to do?

The 3rd circle is your Past Experiences // which are the events and seasons in your past (both pleasant and unpleasant) that have shaped who you are today and prepared you for God's plan for your future.

When you put all of that together in your circles your Core values, Spiritual Gifts and Past Experiences will cross in one area. Where they overlap is where God's chazown for your life explodes in spontaneous spiritual combustion.

God gives us dreams go for them!!!

I’m reading a book called Chazown.

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