Thursday, December 7, 2006

Invest in Students!

Steven Grim and Katie Christensen, 2 of my past students, drove down from OK Baptist Univ yesterday (Wed) and stayed with Jen and I last night.

It is great to see past students especially those who are getting out their and making a difference. You can truly see how they want to be leaders and to reproduce themselves into others.

It keeps me thinking who am I continually investing in to rise up to make a difference tomorrow today?

Invest in a teenager you believe in. We need Godly business men, teachers, pastors, sr adults and others to find a student they want to invest in and put some time into investing into their lives.

You never know when you will invest in the next Billy Graham or even the next Bill Gates who, if we taught them right, will use their money/influence for God’s glory!!!

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Steven Grim Jr. said...


Just wanted to let you know just how big of an influence you have made in my life. When I think back at the people God has placed in my life to push me closer to Him, you are one of the first that comes to mind. I know that your students at Grand Avenue are under a great leader and I continually pray that God will continue to place you in students' lives to make an impact on them for an eternity. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to partner with you in reaching your freshman guys, they are an awesome group and I can't wait until D-Now. Thanks for the hospotality this week!!!