Friday, December 8, 2006

Muldrow Police and Muldrow vs Roland

i went to the Muldrow vs Roland HS basketball game tonight. Both teams did great. Sarah Martin played a great game and so did Zach Roberts. All the students did a great job.

On my way home i even got in on part of the action... i pull out of Muldrow HS and sure enough i get the opportunity to meet the Muldrow Police force. Yep... i was pulled over. You who know me know i have quite the track record of being pulled over in my life. I stopped counting a long time ago the number it is up to is too large now.

Monty Wilson and his wife saw me on the side of the road praying that I wouldn't get a ticket.

Yes b/c the Muldrow police are gracious i was not given a ticket just a warning. Thank you Muldrow Police I’m grateful.

Jennifer and I had a great time at the game. To both schools... great job!!! Roland, Congrat's on winning both games.

If you have ever been pulled over make a comment. Or if you know someone who has, send this to them to comment.


Steven said...

well well well, as you know i have pulled myself over before! remember when i called you up in tears crying because i had rear ended that cadillac while trying to change cd's? you laughed at me, i was mad and upset, and you and mike laughed at me!!! haha, well my last 3 points get taken off in february so i guess that it will be over! im glad you didn't get a ticket


Emily said...

hey! you are so lucky that was a muldrow police man! if it was roland you would get a ticket for breathing to hard! & thanks for thinking of us little ole country folk down hurr n mudd--hole! (lol) -bye_em!