Sunday, January 7, 2007

Home Groups Kick Off

Tonight we had a great home group kick off at the church with over 120 of us gathered at the Refuge. We came together for pizza, worship, vision and fun.

Our band did a great job at leading in worship, the 9th grade boys won the game and I won at ping pong.

During the night I shared the vision for this next year. I had each group set a goal to add 5 new students to their group this year, see 2 students saved and baptized this year in each group and then reach their Disciple Now goal.

The Disciple Now goal is one I set for them. We have a little competition to see what group can reach their goal that I set for them. Which ever group has the highest % of their goal the students and the leaders will be rewarded in a very nice way.

We would like to end up seeing over 120 students at our Disciple Now this year.

I can’t wait to see how God uses our home groups and our volunteers this semester to reach Fort Smith, AR for Christ!!

Next week we are all back in the Homes!

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Rachel said...

Hey again! You never emailed me back. Is Vicki Martin going to be a leader of a group? Or can I just go with Amy G.? Remember to email me at!! And I wont know if I can go to this until after I get my results from All-region band tryouts after the 13th. State tryouts are on the saturday of disiple now so that's why I wont know yet. Thanks
Love you, Rachel