Monday, January 8, 2007

North Side High School Girls Basketball and Coach Rickey Smith

We just took powerade to the girls team @ North Side High School. What a great program. This is a team that has only lost 3 conference games in the past 12 years.

They are always ranked top in the nation and are sponsored by NIKE!

As I spent a short time with the coach and speaking to the girls you can see why on average they have 3 D-1 Prospects a year from their program.

The coach is a leader and loves developing leaders. The girls are girls of great respect for the game and their coach.

I look fwd to being able to support their team in any way we can.

Leadership Lessons I watched while I was there:
Demand Respect and Give Respect,
Love what you do or don’t do it,
Get the most out of the time you have with your team,
Working hard and playing smart is the name of the game,
Tell the success stories,
You build it and they will come
along with several others.

People flock to success. Be successful at whatever you do and people will come! Just remember to never lose your focus. When your focus is lost, so goes success.

GO WATCH THE GIRLS PLAY Click HERE to see schedule

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Leigh Ann said...

Thanks for supporting
Rickey and the girls last week. I am looking forward to another stellar season. I have a yearbook staffer on the team, who I admire, seniorEmily Rideout.